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My Approach

My approach is warm, client centered and grounded in the belief that each person is an expert in their own experiences. I support clients in becoming more aligned with their beliefs, values, and authentic selves. I offer insight, curiosity, humor, and gentle challenges while staying rooted in a social justice framework. My theoretical orientation is varied based on the needs of each client. I use a combination of humanistic, relational-cultural, psychodynamic, and mindfulness/acceptance commitment therapy.  My practice is also influenced by my decade long mindfulness practice.

*Please note the majority of my sessions are being done via zoom. I also offer walking sessions, and I have a limited number of in person slots available in Berkeley.

Through the Tree Branch
Image by Shingi Rice
Business Meeting

Individual Therapy

I believe in each person’s capacity for growth and healing and that we are all shaped by our past experiences and intersectional identities. Many of us have learned tools and patterns to get through difficult experiences, however, those patterns may no longer serve us or create barriers to our current growth and relationships. Through a trusting relationship with a therapist, we can create a safe environment to identify and explore these patterns.

Couple's Therapy

I support couples in various relational forms to understand what is happening below the surface in order to change damaging relational patterns. Together, we unpack what is and isn’t working in order to build a bigger toolbox, improve communication, and help couples reconnect in their love for one another.


So often disrespect or miscommunication is actually about a lack of understanding of a partner(s)’ values and can be transformed through learning tools to practice empathy and listening more deeply to understand one another. I work with couples in all stages of relationships, and have been trained in Gottman Level 1 Method and have completed the EFT Externship. 


I have experience working with schools and other organizations to bring in mindfulness practices, LGBTQ trainings, and restorative practices trainings for students and staff. If you are interested in any of these supports at your organization, or if you'd like to learn more, please feel free to reach out.

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